Welcome to our Pre and Post Natal Pilates Studio

Pregnancy and the early post-natal period are such momentous and fleeting periods of our lives; for some, a once in a lifetime experience. Each should be a joyous start to a new phase of life, one we look back on and cherish. It is my mission to help women feel strong and powerful in pregnancy, better prepared physically for birth and, enjoy a full post-natal recovery so that this extraordinary time in their lives is memorable for all the right reasons. I also work with women who are trying or preparing to conceive as well as those who have had children years earlier but still have unresolved issues from pregnancy and birth.

Many women put up with feeling terrible during pregnancy, thinking that because their symptoms are common, they are normal or inevitable. In many cases, they are neither, and could in fact be well managed or avoided altogether, allowing most women to have a much easier and more enjoyable pregnancy than they think.

The same is true in the post-natal period, with women assuming that leaking, back ache, joint pain, poor posture and a weak core are the unavoidable outcomes of pregnancy, birth and caring for a young family. As a result, many never seek help and struggle for months, or sometimes years, feeling uncomfortable in their bodies.

Women choose to train with me because of my; experience, specialist training in pre and post natal exercise, commitment to constantly improving my knowledge and skills, empathy and passion. They love the community of strong and inspiring women they become a part of but, most of all, they love the results they see and feel.

It starts with physical strength and feeling in control of your body but leads to greater confidence, joy, improved mental health and so much more....

Don't just take our word for it...

Here are just a few of our clients....


“I didn't have a lot of core strength after having a baby and was also suffering from anxiety about my body after giving birth. My back problems and the various aches and pains I get from being a mum have really improved from Pilates and I am learning to feel good about my body again”


"After 2 months of classes I feel much stronger. I use a baby carrier every day and have no back pain at all. I've gained a stronger core and better posture and I really look forward to it each week!"


"I felt much taller after the first class (had to readjust the mirrors in the car even!) and less achy in my back and shoulders"


“Within three sessions I really felt a difference in my body and a control of muscles I had lost since giving birth. Had I not started Pilates I would, without a doubt, still be struggling with pelvic floor issues and suffering constant back and neck pain as a result of looking after the twins. I’m now very excited to see what further progress I can make! ”


"Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your online recorded Pilates classes this lockdown! I've been managing one a week most weeks, although it's tricky sometimes with the kids! The Pilates has been really helpful, especially ... lifting a baby (well, almost toddler now!) up and down all day!"


"I learnt about pelvic floor and how to start with simple moves; it gave me that feeling of regaining my body back again and started my progress towards being fit. I feel like I learnt to stay in tune wiith my body a lot more and take the time for myself, I have felt myself get stronger each week"


"It felt good to be moving my body and know that I'm in the right hands as I fully trusted Clare's knowledge on post natal exercise. My body tone really improved, my core muscles, arms and shoulders are much stronger. If I hadn't done this, I am not sure I would have got to my strength so quickly after birth"


"I struggled a lot with lower back pain before but since attending classes it has improved the strength in my back and I’m able to move and do the harder options in classes now.


"I started Pilates with Clare pre-natally then was keen to start again after I'd had my baby. The breathing techniques and core and pelvic floor control exercises start to have an immediate effect. You just start to hold yourself more upright and feel more 'zipped up' straight away. It's obvious from the first class that Clare is a great instructor. She explains really well what you are doing and why and adapts the exercises for everyone there. The results are also immediately obvious. I have gained all over muscle tone and strength, abdominal separation reduced and pelvic floor strength"


"My general fitness and strength has improved a lot. I think I've managed to get rid of (most) of my pregnancy weight and tummy too! I don't think I would be as happy or fit post-birth as I am, had I not attended the classes. I also think my daughter enjoyed them too!"

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