Who Is This Package For?

You are either Pre Pregnancy, in Trimester 1 or Post Natal Plus. So, that you may be actively trying to conceive (naturally or assisted), know that you want to start a family in the near future, be in the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy or have had your baby/babies more than 12 months ago.

You are brand new to Pilates or are returning after a break or change in physical circumstances and want to lay strong foundations by starting with our 10 Week Beginners Course.

You want to work steadily through the fundamentals of Pilates and be set up and ready to move onto the 10 Week Intermediate Course straight afterwards.

You are self-motivated and like to workout on your own, on your schedule. Maybe you find it hard to get a whole session done in one go so need to be able to stop and start the videos! You want to retain unlimited access to your programs so you can review the content whenever you like.

Your Instructor

Clare Jarvis

I have been practising Pilates for over 15 years, initially discovering it due to sciatica and long-term back pain I had been suffering with since a sporting accident in my early teens. I kept up the practice as it worked better than any other drugs or therapy at keeping the pain away.

I then decided to combine my skills at teaching English, with my love of Pilates and I knew I had found the right path for me. This experience led me to become a Teacher Trainer, instructing and examining would-be Pilates Instructors, and I love how I constantly learn from these students and keep my practice up to date through this role. I found the pre and post natal part of my training fascinating and went on to specialise in this area with further courses.

I love seeing Pilates make such an enormous difference to women at such a crucial time in their lives and having my own daughter in 2020 only served to confirm that this is my passion.

Success Stories

Jess P.

"The variety of different timings makes it easier to fit in classes around work or other zoom classes. Exercising from home also cuts commuting time and allows for multitasking, such as putting dinner in before a session!"

Suzy C.

"It still feels like a group activity but I am not distracted by comparing myself to what others are doing, so I feel less self conscious. Plus, at the moment, being able to decide last minute to join a class and not have to travel to get there is great!"

Chris A.

"I tend to do the classes with my wife so it's nice to be able to talk to each other during classes"

Clare B.

"With live classes it sorts of gives a structure to the day and the week. I would have tried to follow some sort of classes on Youtube but it may not have been safe for me or tailored to my needs"

Helen C.

"I am able to 'get to' more classes as I am usually limited by childcare and my partner's long commute"

Lin M.

"It's been good to have short chats with classmates before sessions"

Sacha F.

"I actually prefer Pilates online because of the unlimited classes membership and it’s more convenient to do Pilates at home because travelling to the studio has previously been awkward, especially trying to make it on time after work"

Lee G.

"Occasionally if I have felt lazy before a class I don't have too far to go and set up in my living room which only takes 5 minutes, really convenient"

Cheryl B.

"It great to have live instruction and feedback. I also love having the interaction with other people!"

Gemma L.

"When I haven't been able to make it to a live class due to work it has been really helpful having the recordings that I can access at another time"

Count Me In

our decision to value yourself today is going to enable you to enjoy many happy and healthy years ahead with your family. It's a decision you won't ever regret.