Who Is The Pregnancy Course Bundle For?

You are between week 14 and 26 of your pregnancy and are looking for a way to stay active and healthy whilst keeping you and your baby safe. You want to commit from the get-go so want to sign up to the whole package right now! You want a course that is flexible around your current work and/family commitments, that you can dip into and work through at your own pace but led by an a specialist pre and post natal trained Pilates instructor (who is also actually pregnant at the time of filming!). You want to feel strong, powerful and confident in your body so you can enjoy this magical and unique time of your life. You want to prepare your body for the demands of birth, enjoy a quick recovery and feel at your best in new motherhood. You may be a seasoned Pilates fanatic or a complete Beginner; it doesn't matter because various options are provided throughout this course making it suitable for all women in their second and third trimester.

Your Instructor

Clare Jarvis

I am a Brighton (UK) based Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer and absolutely love the fact that I get to spend every day helping clients to transform their physical and mental health through Pilates, whatever their current situation.
I first discovered Pilates over 15 years ago when I was suffering with debilitating back pain following an accident. None of the conventional therapies or drugs had worked but after just 8 weeks of Pilates, my Sciatica was near gone and I was able to get back to living life to the full again. That experience is what has driven me to help as many people as I can to regain their physical and mental wellbeing through Pilates.

I'm Ready To Get Started!

That's fantastic. You can access the first week of the Trimester 2 Course absolutely FREE through the Trimester 2 Course page. To continue with the rest of the course click the button below