Why Join Us For Live AND On-Demand Classes?

You no longer need to waste precious time driving to a physical venue, finding and paying for parking and facing the elements on the way. You can have dinner on the go while you are working out and finding childcare need never stop you from getting to your class. Staying away from home for work or pleasure? No problem, as long as you have an internet connection you can join us wherever you are in the world; never pay for classes you can't attend ever again. AND get all the benefits of having an instructor right there with you, coaching you personally, providing adaptations where necessary, ready to answer your questions and ensuring you stay safe and do the exercises properly for maximum benefit. PLUS, you get unlimited access to all the live class recordings so can top up your live practice with as many other sessions as you like. With our team of instructors and choice of classes you'll never get bored!

Your Instructors

Our Live and On-Demand Classes are led by a world class team of Instructors who have all trained with globally recognised organisations. They all have different styles and specialities meaning that no two classes will ever be the same. You can choose from dynamic and flowing to restorative and relaxing depending on your mood and choose a class length to suit your schedule.

Sounds Good?

With our 7 Day Free Trial you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Click below to start your Free Trial Today!

Success Stories

Jess P.

"The variety of different timings makes it easier to fit in classes around work or other zoom classes. Exercising from home also cuts commuting time and allows for multitasking, such as putting dinner in before a session!"

Suzy C.

"It still feels like a group activity but I am not distracted by comparing myself to what others are doing, so I feel less self conscious. Plus, at the moment, being able to decide last minute to join a class and not have to travel to get there is great!"

Chris A.

"I tend to do the classes with my wife so it's nice to be able to talk to each other during classes"

Clare B.

"With live classes it sorts of gives a structure to the day and the week. I would have tried to follow some sort of classes on Youtube but it may not have been safe for me or tailored to my needs"

Helen C.

"I am able to 'get to' more classes as I am usually limited by childcare and my partner's long commute"

Lin M.

"It's been good to have short chats with classmates before sessions"

Sacha F.

"I actually prefer Pilates online because of the unlimited classes membership and it’s more convenient to do Pilates at home because travelling to the studio has previously been awkward, especially trying to make it on time after work"

Lee G.

"Occasionally if I have felt lazy before a class I don't have too far to go and set up in my living room which only takes 5 minutes, really convenient"

Cheryl B.

"It great to have live instruction and feedback. I also love having the interaction with other people!"

Gemma L.

"When I haven't been able to make it to a live class due to work it has been really helpful having the recordings that I can access at another time"