Why Join Us For Live Classes?

Exercise is better together. Live Classes bring the community to you - along with the motivation, the laughs and the learning. Save travel time, parking trauma and getting drenched because you forgot to check the weather app. No more excuses about childcare, having to get the dinner on, or forgetting your sports bra - you'll never miss a class you paid for again!

All you need is an internet connection - so even if you are in the in-laws spare room or a hotel hallway, your mat in class is waiting right here for you. The biggest benefit to our live streams is that you get to reap the benefits of having an instructor right there in the room with you, offering personal coaching, adaptations where necessary, answering your questions and ensuring you complete the exercises safely for maximum benefit.

Who are these classes for?

We offer Pregnancy specific, Post Natal Specific and Mixed Ability live classes which are recorded and available on-demand.

The Pregnancy classes are most suitable for those in Trimester 2 and 3 while our Post Natal classes are aimed at those in the first 12 months of having a baby. Our Mixed Ability classes would suit those in Pre Pregnancy, Trimester 1 or who have had a baby more than 12 months ago.

This is our suggestion but ALL our members are welcome in ANY of our classes and will always ensure you receive the options, modifications and support you need. We also have a few wonderful men who have been inspired by the women in their lives to join in and we welcome them too.

What's Included...

As well as unlimited live and on-demand classes....

We know that while you value the convenience of practising Pilates online, it's about more than that. You still want to feel part of a community, get to know and chat with others in your class and forge friendships. You also want to have access to your instructor to ask questions, get advice and the extra support you would in a face to face class. That's why we offer more than just classes and recordings....

**We open up the live class 10 minutes early and are happy to leave it on after the class so you can catch up with other members.

**Weekly Q&As and mini-training sessions on the topics you choose in our Facebook Group.

**Free Workshops led by other pre and post natal professionals such as women's physios, doulas, scar therapists, hypnobirthing practitioners and pelvic health specialists

**Social events such as coffee mornings and (m)cocktail parties where you can get together with your classmates from across the country. (We also love to hear about our members meeting up with others in their area!)

What our members say

(because theirs is the only opinion that matters)

Lee G.

"Occasionally if I have felt lazy before a class I don't have too far to go and set up in my living room which only takes 5 minutes, really convenient"

Lin M.

"It's been good to have short chats with classmates before sessions"

Sam B.

"The classes have helped me unwind. I carry tension in my shoulders and Pilates helps to ease this out"

Clara F.

"I like being able to access a recorded class at the weekend, and prefer to do a live class during the week when kids/work/other life stuff allows"

Helen C.

"I am able to 'get to' more classes as I am usually limited by childcare and my partner's long commute"

Jess P.

"The variety of different timings makes it easier to fit in classes around work or other zoom classes. Exercising from home also cuts commuting time and allows for multitasking, such as putting dinner in before a session!"

Suzy C.

"It still feels like a group activity but I am not distracted by comparing myself to what others are doing, so I feel less self conscious. Plus, at the moment, being able to decide last minute to join a class and not have to travel to get there is great!"

Clare B.

"With live classes it sorts of gives a structure to the day and the week. I would have tried to follow some sort of classes on Youtube but it may not have been safe for me or tailored to my needs"

Sacha F.

"I actually prefer Pilates online because of the unlimited classes membership and it’s more convenient to do Pilates at home because travelling to the studio has previously been awkward, especially trying to make it on time after work"

Cheryl B.

"It's great to have live instruction and feedback. I also love having the interaction with other people!"