Why choose On-Demand Pilates Classes?

Our On-Demand classes give you total flexibility and control to access your classes whenever and wherever you want, stopping and starting the class as you need to (kids interrupt you? Someone at the door?). We also find this works really well for those outside the UK who don't want to practice in the middle of the night!

The MASSIVE benefit to our OnDemand schedule? We add to our classes every week, so you'll never get bored doing the same routine over and over again. We like to keep you on your toes!

Who are these classes for?

You can access Pregnancy specific, Post Natal specific and Mixed Ability classes on-demand and we always provide options and adaptations so you can join in any of our classes safely.

The Pregnancy classes are most suitable for those in Trimester 2 and 3 while our Post Natal classes are aimed at those in the first 12 months of having a baby. Our Mixed Ability classes would suit those in Pre Pregnancy, Trimester 1 or who have had a baby more than 12 months ago.

This is our suggestion but ALL our members are welcome in ANY of our classes and will always ensure you receive the options, modifications and support you need. We also have a few wonderful men who have been inspired by the women in their lives to join in and we welcome them too.

What to Expect...

All our OnDemand classes are recordings of our live sessions, so you get the same amazing instruction no matter when you sign in, and the live recordings mean that even if you couldn't make the main event, you still get to check in with the class environment. Our instructors are recording at home and we like the personal vibe, so don't be surprised if the odd furry friend makes an appearance!

What's Included...

As well as unlimited on-demand classes....

We know that while you value the convenience of practising Pilates online, it's about more than that. You still want to feel part of a community, get to know and chat with others in your class and forge friendships. You also want to have access to your instructor to ask questions, get advice and the extra support you would in a face to face class. That's why we offer more than just classes and recordings....

**Weekly Q&As and mini-training sessions on the topics you choose in our Facebook Group.

**Free Workshops led by other pre and post natal professionals such as women's physios, doulas, scar therapists, hypnobirthing practitioners and pelvic health specialists

**Social events such as coffee mornings and (m)cocktail parties where you can get together with your classmates from across the country. (We also love to hear about our members meeting up with others in their area!)

Why our people love OnDemand...

Sherie O.

The advantages of doing Pilates online? "No travel, comfortable setting, time saver in terms of travel and organisation"

Gemma L.

"When I haven't been able to make it to a live class due to work it has been really helpful having the recordings that I can access at another time"

Jamie G.

"I can do more classes and have found the recordings particularly good as I don't need to be anchored to a particular time slot"

Sue G.

"It's more flexible and the recordings are easier to slot into gaps in the day"