Who Is The Post Natal Recovery: Phase 1 Program For?

You are most likely due to give birth in the near future and want to be prepared or, you have given birth recently. You may however have had your baby a while ago but are still experiencing some issues and have decided it's time to address them. If that's the case, then you've also come to the right place.

You want to have a full and swift recovery from birth so that you can get on with enjoying your new baby rather than worrying about embarrassing leaks, struggling with back pain or lacking confidence in your body.

How Does the Program Work?

You will be guided through the process of repairing your core and pelvic floor whilst getting stronger and more toned throughout your whole body on a week by week basis.

The focus at this early stage is on healing and building strong foundations so you can feel confident in your body's ability to manage the immediate demands of having a newborn and cope with more strenuous exercise in the future (if that is your goal).

The differences between recovery for vaginal and c-section deliveries are addressed and options are given so you can work at a level that suits you.


Clare Jarvis

I have been practising Pilates for over 15 years, initially discovering it due to sciatica and long-term back pain I had been suffering with since a sporting accident in my early teens. I kept up the practice as it worked better than any other drugs or therapy at keeping the pain away.

I then decided to combine my skills at teaching English, with my love of Pilates and I knew I had found the right path for me. This experience led me to become a Teacher Trainer, instructing and examining would-be Pilates Instructors, and I love how I constantly learn from these students and keep my practice up to date through this role. I found the pre and post natal part of my training fascinating and went on to specialise in this area with further courses.

I love seeing Pilates make such an enormous difference to women at such a crucial time in their lives and having my own daughter in 2020 only served to confirm that this is my passion.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Important Information

    • Welcome from Clare Jarvis

    • Some Important Information Before We Get Started....

    • Why Post Partum Exercise Is Important

    • Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2

    Weeks 1-2

    • Overview of Week 1-2

    • Posture & Alignment

    • The Lateral Breathing Technique

    • Engaging Your Core & Pelvic Floor

    • Abdominal Hollowing

    • Pelvic Floor Exercises

  • 3

    Week 2-3

    • Overview of Week 2-3

    • The 3x Essential Core Exercises to Start With

    • 15 Minute Upper Body Workout

  • 4

    Week 4-5

    • Overview of Week 4-5

    • Diastasis Recti 1: What is DR?

    • Diastasis Recti 2: How Do I Know If I Have DR?

    • Diastasis Recti 3: What Should/Shouldn't I Do If I Have DR?

    • 15 Minute Mobility Session/Warm Up

    • 15 Minute Strength Workout (1)

    • 15 Minute Strength Workout (2)

    • 15 Minute Stretching Session/Cool Down

  • 5

    Week 5-6

    • Overview of Week 5-6

    • 15 Minute Mobility Session/Warm Up

    • 15 Minute Strength Workout (1)

    • 15 Minute Strength Workout (2)

    • 15 Minute Stretching Session/Cool Down

  • 6

    Week 7-8

    • Overview of Week 7-8

    • 15 Minute Mobility Session/Warm Up

    • 15 Minute Strength Workout (1)

    • 15 Minute Strength Workout (2)

    • 15 Minute Stretching Session/Cool Down

What Else Is Included...

As well as your 8 Weeks of guided healing...

We know that while you value the convenience of practising Pilates online, it's about more than that. You still want to feel part of a community, get to know and chat with other mums and forge friendships.

You also want to have access to your instructor to ask questions, get advice and the extra support you would in a face to face setting. That's why we offer more than just classes and recordings....

**Weekly Q&As and mini-training sessions on the topics you choose in our Facebook Group.

**Free Workshops led by other pre and post natal professionals such as women's physios, doulas, scar therapists, hypnobirthing practitioners and pelvic health specialists

**Social events such as coffee mornings and (m)cocktail parties where you can get together with your classmates from across the country. (We also love to hear about our members meeting up with others in their area!)

Don't just take our word for it...

Here are just a few of our clients....


“I didn't have a lot of core strength after having a baby and was also suffering from anxiety about my body after giving birth. My back problems and the various aches and pains I get from being a mum have really improved from Pilates and I am learning to feel good about my body again”


"After 2 months of classes I feel much stronger. I use a baby carrier every day and have no back pain at all. I've gained a stronger core and better posture and I really look forward to it each week!"


"I felt much taller after the first class (had to readjust the mirrors in the car even!) and less achy in my back and shoulders"


“Within three sessions I really felt a difference in my body and a control of muscles I had lost since giving birth. Had I not started Pilates I would, without a doubt, still be struggling with pelvic floor issues and suffering constant back and neck pain as a result of looking after the twins. I’m now very excited to see what further progress I can make! ”


"Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your online recorded Pilates classes this lockdown! I've been managing one a week most weeks, although it's tricky sometimes with the kids! The Pilates has been really helpful, especially ... lifting a baby (well, almost toddler now!) up and down all day!"


"I learnt about pelvic floor and how to start with simple moves; it gave me that feeling of regaining my body back again and started my progress towards being fit. I feel like I learnt to stay in tune wiith my body a lot more and take the time for myself, I have felt myself get stronger each week"


"It felt good to be moving my body and know that I'm in the right hands as I fully trusted Clare's knowledge on post natal exercise. My body tone really improved, my core muscles, arms and shoulders are much stronger. If I hadn't done this, I am not sure I would have got to my strength so quickly after birth"


"I struggled a lot with lower back pain before but since attending classes it has improved the strength in my back and I’m able to move and do the harder options in classes now.


"I started Pilates with Clare pre-natally then was keen to start again after I'd had my baby. The breathing techniques and core and pelvic floor control exercises start to have an immediate effect. You just start to hold yourself more upright and feel more 'zipped up' straight away. It's obvious from the first class that Clare is a great instructor. She explains really well what you are doing and why and adapts the exercises for everyone there. The results are also immediately obvious. I have gained all over muscle tone and strength, abdominal separation reduced and pelvic floor strength"


"My general fitness and strength has improved a lot. I think I've managed to get rid of (most) of my pregnancy weight and tummy too! I don't think I would be as happy or fit post-birth as I am, had I not attended the classes. I also think my daughter enjoyed them too!"

Count Me In

Your decision to value yourself today is going to enable you to enjoy many happy and healthy years ahead with your family. It's a decision you won't ever regret