Who Is The Trimester 3 Pregnancy Course For?

You are between week 27 and 40 of your pregnancy and are looking for a way to stay active and healthy whilst keeping you and your baby safe.

You want a course that is flexible around your current work and/family commitments, that you can dip into and work through at your own pace but led by an a specialist pre and post natal trained Pilates instructor (who is also actually pregnant at the time of filming!).

You want to feel strong, powerful and confident in your body so you can enjoy this magical and unique time of your life. You want to prepare your body for the demands of birth, enjoy a quick recovery and feel at your best in new motherhood.

You may be a seasoned Pilates fanatic or a complete Beginner; it doesn't matter because various options are provided throughout this course making it suitable for all women in their third trimester.

What If I Need Extra Help?

If you need any extra help whilst working through the course, you can book in some 1-1 time with me whenever you like and you can choose either 20, 40 or 60 minute Zoom sessions at £20, £40 and £60 respectively. Why might you choose some additional support?

*You'd like a private class to kick start your course

*You have a health condition and want some specific advice about what you can and can't do

*You want a regular private class (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) to keep you on track

*Your physical circumstances have changed and you need some exercises adapting

To book some 1-1 support please email me directly at retorefitnesstherapiesonline@gmail.com

Your Instructor

Clare Jarvis

I have been practising Pilates for over 15 years, initially discovering it due to sciatica and long-term back pain I had been suffering with since a sporting accident in my early teens. I kept up the practice as it worked better than any other drugs or therapy at keeping the pain away.

I then decided to combine my skills at teaching English, with my love of Pilates and I knew I had found the right path for me. This experience led me to become a Teacher Trainer, instructing and examining would-be Pilates Instructors, and I love how I constantly learn from these students and keep my practice up to date through this role. I found the pre and post natal part of my training fascinating and went on to specialise in this area with further courses.

I love seeing Pilates make such an enormous difference to women at such a crucial time in their lives and having my own daughter in 2020 only served to confirm that this is my passion.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Trimester 3 Pregnancy Pilates Course!

    • Welcome to Your Trimester 3 Pregnancy Pilates Course

    • Equipment Needed For This Course

    • Alignment, Lateral Breathing and Core Engagement Technique

  • 2

    Pelvic Floor Guide: Section 1

    • Course Introduction Video

    • Section 1_Introduction

    • Basic Introduction to the Pelvic Floor

    • What Happens When Your PF doesn't work properly

    • How To Engage The PF Muscles

  • 3

    Pelvic Floor Guide: Section 2

    • Section 2: Positions for Practising Your Pelvic Floor Exercises

  • 4

    Pelvic Floor Guide: Section 3

    • Section 3 Introduction

    • Exercise 1: Fast Twitch

    • Exercise 2:Slow Up and Hold

    • Exercise 3: Slow Up and Slow Down

    • Exercise 4: Slow Up Hold and Slow Down

  • 5

    Pelvic Floor Guide: Section 4

    • Section 4 Introduction

    • Section 4: Engaging The Glutes

    • Section 4: Engaging The Core Only

    • Section 4: Not Engaging Fully Back to Front

    • Section 4: Not Releasing The Pelvic Floor Fully

    • Section 4: Too Many Exercises and Repetitions

    • Section 4: Not Doing Enough Exercises

    • Section 4: Maintaining Flexibility in the Pelvic Floor

  • 7

    Week 28

    • Warm Up

    • Standing Lateral Pulldowns with Squat

    • The Seated Spine Stretch

    • The Seated Row with Hamstring Stretch

    • The Side Lying Oyster

    • The Hundred with Props

    • The Side Lying Pendulum

    • Cool Down

    • Week 28_All Exercises Continuous

  • 8

    Week 29

    • Warm Up

    • Standing Lateral Arm Raises

    • 4PK Leg Raises

    • The Pelvic Tilt with Shoulder Bridge Option

    • Side Lying Pond Dips with resistance

    • Kneeling Breaststroke Swimming

    • The Seated Spine Twist

    • Cool Down

    • Week 29_All Exercises Continuous

  • 9

    Week 30

    • Warm Up

    • Glute Pulses

    • Kneeling Dart

    • Seated Back Flexion and Extension

    • The Supine Starfish_1

    • Side Lying V Lifts with resistance

    • The Starfish Superman

    • Cool Down

    • Week 30_All Exercises Continuous

  • 10

    Week 31

    • Warm Up

    • Standing Bicep Curls

    • The Parallel Lift

    • The Side Lying Leg Lift

    • The Kneeling Snow Angel

    • The Clam, Pulse and Leg Raise

    • The Single Leg Stretch

    • Cool Down

    • Week 31_All Exercises Continuous

  • 11

    Week 32

    • Warm Up

    • Squat with Spinal Flexion and Extension

    • Seated Dorsal Raise

    • Dumb Waiter with Squat

    • Bow & Arrow Superman

    • Supine Side Scissors

    • Side Lying Leg Circles

    • Cool Down

    • Week 32_All Exercises Continuous

  • 12

    Week 33

    • Warm Up

    • The Cat Stretch

    • The Superman

    • Supine Leg Circles

    • The Kneeling Snow Angel

    • Side Lying Up, Forward and Back

    • Standing Front and Lateral Raises

    • Cool Down

    • Week 33_All Exercises Continuous

  • 13

    Week 34

    • Warm Up

    • Abdominal Hollowing

    • Side Lying Leg Kick

    • Standing Bicep Curl with Balance

    • Seated Dumb Waiter

    • Bow & Arrow Superman

    • Squat with Spinal Flexion Extension and Balance

    • Cool Down

    • Week 34_All Exercises Continuous

  • 14

    Week 35

    • Warm Up

    • The Mermaid Side Bend

    • The Seated Butterfly

    • The Supine Starfish

    • 4PK Tricep Extensions

    • Kneeling Snow Angel with Weights

    • The Parallel Lift

    • Cool Down

    • Week 35_All Exercises Continuous

  • 15

    Week 36

    • Warm Up

    • The Supine Clam

    • The Kneeling Dart

    • The Starfish Superman

    • The Seated Spine Stretch

    • The Side Lying Pendulum

    • The Clam Pulse and Leg Raise_Pregnancy

    • Cool Down

    • Week 36_All Exercises Continuous

  • 16

    Week 37

    • Warm up

    • 4PK Glute Pulses

    • The Seated Spine Twist

    • Supine Knee Folds with arms

    • Standing Lateral Arm Raises with balance

    • Kneeling Breaststroke Swimming

    • The Side Lying Bicycle

    • Cool Down

    • Week 37_All Exercises Continuous

  • 17

    Week 38

    • Warm Up

    • The Seated Row & Oblique Row

    • The Hundred

    • Side Lying Oyster

    • Kneeling Bow & Arrow

    • The Mermaid Side Bend

    • Side Lying Pond Dips

    • Cool Down

    • Week 38_All Exercises Continuous

  • 18

    Week 39

    • Warm Up

    • Press Ups

    • 4PK Leg Raises

    • The Seated Spine Stretch

    • Modified Single Leg Stretch

    • Side Lying V Lifts

    • Standing Lateral Pulldowns with balance

    • Cool Down

    • Week 39_All Exercises Continuous

  • 19

    Next Steps

    • Post Natal Recovery Week 0-8

    • Course Feedback

Here's What Our Members Think Of Pregnancy Pilates....

Angie K.

"I wanted to find a gentler form of exercise that was effective, but with classes specifically designed with pregnancy in mind. I learned a lot about breathing techniques and correct posture during pregnancy. These techniques proved invaluable during my pregnancy and I used them on a daily basis"

Susie K.

"I was pregnant with my second child and starting to feel the strain of the bump plus hoisting a toddler up and down on my body and in particular my back. I really enjoyed Clare’s teaching style and I could tell that the classes would be really helpful for me as my pregnancy progressed. Doing Clare’s classes before having my baby definitely strengthened my body and prepared it for labour. My body, especially my core and back, felt super strong during labour and I’m sure that the exercise had a real impact on how my labour progressed positively and helped my recovery afterwards"

Rachel C.

"I was very tired during the early stages of pregnancy and worried I wouldn't have the energy or the strength to do classes. I needn't have worried though as there are options depending on how you're feeling. I felt really energised after the first class and it was nice to feel my muscles wake-up. I hadn't exercised at all for the first 15/16 weeks of pregnancy and had been feeling sluggish. I actually felt like it was possible to do some toning during pregnancy when I finished the first class! I signed up because of the way I felt when I left the first class. It gave me hope that I might be able to maintain some sort of a figure by taking the classes"

Count Me In

Your decision to value yourself today is going to enable you to enjoy many happy and healthy years ahead with your family. It's a decision you won't ever regret.