It's more than just Pilates....

My core mission is to help women enjoy a healthy, happy pregnancy; feel prepared for labour and birth and to experience a swift and full post-natal recovery. However, the journey begins long before you become pregnant and continues long after you are signed off from healthcare support. It was these experiences that allowed me to understand the true depth and breadth of the work that needed doing in the pre and post-natal space.

What I quickly discovered was that women were gaining so much more than just a stronger core and pelvic floor when working with me. Staggering reductions in aches and pains that were life changing for some, reduced stress, anxiety and low mood, greater confidence and self-esteem, improved personal relationships and feelings of empowerment that led them to embrace personal and professional challenges they never thought possible. It also proved to be an accessible starting point for many trying to break old habits and forge new healthier ones.

What Makes Us Different

It goes without saying that every woman’s experience of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood is unique, and yet, the support available appeared largely generic or focussed purely on aesthetic outcomes. With many pre and postnatal exercise qualifications simply requiring 6 hours of class room study, it was not surprising that well meaning instructors had a lack of in-depth knowledge to help their clients.

I have been determined to constantly seek out further knowledge so that I can genuinely help the women who come to me or, know who to refer them to if their issues are beyond my scope of expertise. I have attended Birth Summits, Pelvic Health Training Courses, sought out the expertise of midwives, physios and c-section specialists. This has enabled me to genuinely help so many more women than I could previously and I regularly call upon these professionals to advise me on more tricky situations.

Social Responsibility...

Like so many of us, the state of our environment concerns me. One of the ways in which I can reduce my impact is by working predominantly online as I no longer need to use my car, multiple times per day, to travel into the centre of my city to teach. By receiving your instruction online, you are also making a positive impact on the planet our children will inherit.

The experience of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood also made me think about women living in parts of the world where they cannot access the level of care and support that we can. Or, of families who discover their child is seriously ill. As a result, I donate a proportion of my profits every month to UNICEF and the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group. When you choose to join us, you know that you are supporting mothers and children just like you.

I hope this has given you a little more insight into what drives me and what I am trying to achieve. If my mission resonates with you, I would be delighted to connect with you and help you too.

Clare x